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Michael Sweeney Books
Abbey, Edward
The Brave Cowboy. An Old Tale in a New Time.
Michael Sweeney Books
Fitz Roy, Rear Admiral (Fitzroy)
The Weather Book: A Manual of Practical Meteorology.
Michael Sweeney Books
Burke, Edmund
Reflections on the Revolution in France, and on the Proceedings in Certain So...
Peter Hill
Editors. Shackleton, Bernacchi, Cherry-Garrard.
The South Polar Times
Quair Books
POPPER, Simon; JOYCE, James
Quair Books
BALDWIN, Faith; MORTON-SALE, J. [John] (dust jacket illustrator)
The Puritan Strain
Quair Books
My Idealed John Bullesses
Peter Foster Books
Penn, Stanley
Reigning Cats & Dogs - A Guinness book of pets - with Complimentary Slip, C1960s
Peter Foster Books
Caldecott, Randolph
Collection of Randolph Caldecott's Picture Books
Peter Foster Books
Alice Versary 1759-1959 - The Guinnes Birthday Book with Complimentary Slip
Peakirk Books
Tarella Quin
Gum Tree Brownie - and other faerie folk of the never-never
Anthony Smith Books
Dahl, Roald
The Commemorative Limited Edition of the Works of Roald Dahl. Including James...
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