Upload Books


The Book Fair Website is now 'your' website and for the first time you can upload your own highlight items and images, and administer your own space.

Please take advantage of this exciting new facility, which is being trialed for this year's Fair. So in very bald terms please Use it or Lose it. ! It is very easy to use.

Last year over £50,000 of sales were made via the website, and it would be great to beat that figure this year. Please keep a record of sales so we can record the total on the fair take slips.

As an exhibitor you are able to upload 40 items to the York Book Fair website (www.yorkbookfair.com).

To begin adding items to your gallery please click here:

and enter your unique user details which were sent in your exhibitor notes.

If you are also an ABA member and have already uploaded items to the Olympia Book Fair site, then you can log in with your existing username and password as normal.

If you require any assistance, or if your login details are not working correctly, please do not hesitate to call Online Galleries on +44 (0)01480 276630 or e-mail info@onlinegalleries.com.